User Experience and Technical SEO

Technical Search Engine Optimization should be considered in an early stage of development. This way, the price paid for the optimization is reasonable. Asking for advice from a professional is the best search engine optimization guide for you. A good and reliable partner will advise on the best solution at no extra charge. However, sometimes it's a good idea to ask a professional to work out solutions for you so that your search engine visibility over time won't be affected.

The structure and challenge of WordPress

The operation and appearance of WordPress homepages is reasonably easy to change, even for free due to the huge range of themes and plugins. Many people have created the website all by themselves by choosing a theme that suits their business. Some functionalities have been added on top of the theme with plugins. This way it is possible to build your own website at a very low cost.

However, hunger often increases while eating and there may be dozens of operational plugins on some sites. Because plugins are often developed to suit the needs of many users and environments, plugins load code to your internet site that is actually not used at all. Loading unnecessary code slows down the site and degrades the user experience.

If your site is evolving into a more complex entity, it’s worthwhile at this point at the latest to contact a professional. Many plugins can be customized to better suit their intended use. Sometimes it is reasonably easy to implement functions with your own plugins, tailored especially to your needs. This ensures that unnecessary code is kept to a minimum.

Search engine optimization and user-friendliness

The content that your site provides to your visitors is very important in search engine visibility. You should be able to anticipate the problems of your target visitors to which you provide answers on your site. However, this is only part of what determines search engine visibility. Your site should also be user friendly. Slow and poorly executed pages are rated poorly by Google. This rating, in turn, determines how often and high your site appears in search results.

Google has defined Core Web Vitals as the user experience rating of the website. These metrics indicate the performance of various user experience related aspects of your site. Users want to access fast websites even with a slow connection. In addition, the content must show in a correct size for the screen size of the user. Buttons and other elements of the site should not bounce around the screen when the elements of the page load at different speed, but they should remain in their place while maintaining their size.

If you're having trouble getting your site to pass Google's tests, contact. This can often be remedied with reasonable effort. The WordPress site will pass the tests. Don’t make a mistake and choose some exotic platform for your website. You will regret it later when you need new features or if the other system is discontinued. A vast number of free and paid features are available for WordPress. Overall, WordPress is certainly the most affordable solution for your website.

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