How to Install a WordPress Plugin Manually from a zip File?

Please find below detailed instructions on installing a WordPress plugin on your site. In case you have any questions, send an email to or use the web form here.

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How to Install a dxw3 WordPress Plugin Manually from a zip File?

  1. Download the Plugin zip File to your computer.

    Click on the download button after making the payment in the webshop. Alternatively you can always click on the download link sent to your email as a confirmation of your purchase.

  2. Go to WordPress Admin and Select Plugins – Installed Plugins.

    You can find the Plugins – Installed Plugins admin menu page on the left hand side menu of your admin screen.

  3. Click Add New – Upload Plugin – Choose File Buttons.

    After clicking the Add New button, you get on the Add Plugins screen. On the Add Plugins screen, click on the Upload Plugin button. This opens another section on the screen with the Choose File button. You can choose your plugin zip file from your computer after clicking the Choose File button.

  4. Click on the Install Now Button.

    After Choosing the zip File, Click on the Install Now Button.

  5. Click on the Activate Plugin Button.

    Wait for the installation to finish on the “Installing plugin from uploaded file” screen and then click on the Activate Plugin button. After that WordPress should show the Plugins screen and notify you: Plugin activated.

  6. Copy the License Key

    A plugin that has been downloaded from the webshop requires a license key to be installed. You can find the key on the screen that is shown after the purchase in the webshop. In case you did not copy the key, you can also find the key in the confirmation email of the purchase. In case you lost the key, please contact support. Copy the key to your clipboard.

  7. Insert the License Key

    Go to Settings – dxw3 <plugin – name> menu page on your admin menu. Paste the license key to the field and click on the Save key button. After clicking check that the “License key is valid..” message appears.

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