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Websites and business

You can strengthen your brand and streamline your business with functional websites. WordPress, of course, is the basis of the modern layout. I can also easily equip WordPress with completely free plugins. Plugins give additional functionality for your site. I choose them from a huge selection of Wordpress plugins. For example, the free online store for WordPress is Woocommerce. The latest functionalities give a good idea of how you work.

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SEO and digital marketing

Effective websites are only the first step to better visibility on the internet. The pages must be easy to find using a search engine. I primarily take this into account during the development phase of the site. I can make an already published site search engine friendly. It is possible to increase immediate visibility through paid digital marketing. This is where Google and Facebook marketing help.

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Customization and programming

WordPress works as a platform without any software changes. However, if you want to change or add functionalities, I will change the software as required. For WordPress, I make changes and additions mainly in PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS. I will help you to get a web host and domain.

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It is worth making extensive use of the Internet. The website, which is versatile and modern, is part of the digital service as a whole. Combined with this, digital marketing will help you achieve your business goals.

Before implementation, I will find out the priorities, competitive situation and goals of your activities. I will then implement your site with future digital marketing in mind. I will take into account search engine optimization already in the implementation phase. Often, however, website development is an ongoing process where programming and digital marketing go hand in hand. For the best business results, it is important that the site developer understands both.