WordPress CMS

WordPress as the basis of the website is a good choice

A third of all internet sites in the world run on WordPress. Since WordPress is so popular, you can be sure that this content management system will continue to work in the future. Due to its popularity, one of the common assignments is to transfer an existing website to WordPress.

WooCommerce is the popular WordPress online shop

A third of all online stores in the world are WooCommerce online stores. According to forecasts, retail online sales will grow by 50% in the next four years. Setting up an online store is not difficult or expensive. The easiest way is to choose the WooCommerce online store right in the beginning. Sometimes, however, an online store operating on the former site must be transferred to a WooCommerce online store running on WordPress. In many cases, it is possible to conveniently import data from the old system to the new one using, for example, a csv file.

WordPress websites are easy to update and maintain

The WordPress platform is free. Due to the popularity of WordPress it is quick and inexpensive to update your site with new features and layout. The theme of WordPress largely determines the layout, and with plugins, you can add and change the functionality of WordPress. You can choose the theme as well as the plugins yourself. WordPress¬†themes and plugins are available either as free in the WordPress library or as paid and programmed by different software companies. I recommend adding plugins carefully, as each plugin may slow down your website and lead to conflicts between different programs. You can also update a website built with WordPress for the most part yourself. I'll help you make the settings.

Add and change the functionality of your WordPress site with plugins

There are numerous free or paid WordPress plugins. Sometimes I modify or develop plugins according to your needs. Programming WordPress plugins is especially necessary when it comes to a more complex site. The plugin, developed for a specific need, is also optimized in terms of speed and functions for exactly the use for which it is needed. It will not increase the amount of unnecessary code on your site.

Choose the right theme for the outlook of your web pages

WordPress offers a huge number of themes, both free and paid. Sometimes I modify a ready-made theme or I build your own theme according to your needs. The theme is worth choosing or develop to support the spirit of your own business.

About my work methods

I also develop more demanding sites. I do my work remotely. I prefer hourly billing for implementations, but a clearly defined project can also be implemented for a fixed price. I work reliably and you will get the implementation ready in time. Consultation and planning are free of charge. Read more and contact.