I help you succeed digitally. Much of today’s work has shifted to the internet. Using the right methods, it is possible to increase your own visibility and create contacts with new customers. Due to my numerous successful client assignments, I implement demanding features. Most of my clients have later ordered additions and changes to their sites. My office is in Fuengirola, where I work remotely.

Internet sites

Nowadays, the Internet website gives the first impression. Poorly executed and old-fashioned pages work negatively for a corporate image. I invest in the careful implementation of the pages so that I can effectively help you improve your image. I use the WordPress CMS platform as the basis for the site, as it is possible to quickly develop a visual and modern website for this platform. Contact and ask for more.

Search engine visibility and digital marketing

A good site still needs to be found. A new or old thing is searched for in a search engine, and today there is stiff competition for how high you get in the search results. There are technical ways to improve your own results (SEO). I usually implement these already during the technical development of the site. In the context of technical development and beyond, we will work together to take steps to further improve search engine visibility. Properly targeted content is by far the most important.

It’s important to find a priority in your industry in Google searches. With enough investment in your own website, paid marketing can be avoided even completely. The results are long lasting. However, it is possible to get immediate results with paid advertising associated with searches. For example, using Google marketing, you can ensure fast results. Marketing is effective if, in addition to this, you take advantage of Facebook’s vast amount of information about people’s behavior and preferences. The marketing plan should be chosen according to the company's operations. Contact and ask for more.

Web host and domain

Websites need a good web host to work well. A website implemented for WordPress may require a lot from the host, depending on your needs. In addition to the web host, you need a domain name. I will help you get these. Contact and ask for more.

Website is a whole

Building a basic website on WordPress is quick, easy and inexpensive. More than a third of all sites in the world run on WordPress. The WordPress platform is free. If the base site is sufficient for your needs, no additional programming is required. You can customize your site to your liking with a variety of free and paid themes and plugins. You can also complete and update your site yourself.

Often, the basic functionality provided by WordPress with its themes and plugins is not enough for the customer’s needs. Sometimes the ready-made solutions used do not work well together. In that case, I will help develop and repair the site as needed. A good website developer knows how themes and plugins are programmed and can change how they work. If necessary, I will develop a theme for you or a plugin for new customer-specific functionalities. The programming languages I use are PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and SQL.

A good example of a customer-specific site is a website I developed for Kouruset Oy. Numerous customer-specific solutions and add-ons have been developed for this site. The site’s online store has been moved from another technology to WordPress’s Woocommerce. In addition to the Woocommerce e-commerce shop, the site includes a fully customer-specific e-commerce shop offering a turnkey service called Kourubotti. You can use the customer-specific solutions to offer completely new types of digital services.