WordPress plugins

Find free ready-made plugins from the WordPress plugins library.

If you cannot find a ready-made plugin, ask for more about the effective customized plugins. E.g. the spam block plugin is a necessary addition to your site.

The WordPress theme or plugins you are using may offer wrong or too few features. Often, the number of plugins should be reasonable. A large number of plugins easily lead to conflicts and site slowdown. Modifying or adding to the functionality of existing plugins can give you the functionality you want without compromising the overall performance of the site.

The best way to ensure the functionality of your WordPress site is to ask me to develop a fully customized plugin for the task you want.

It makes sense to ask me what is the easiest and cheapest way to add a new feature. In this way, your site as a whole can be considered. Below are some examples of adding new required features.

⦿ Strong identification for your siteV
Authentication with a bank ID or mobile certificate can be added to your website. I have created both using Telia's service based solution and other solutions based on strong authentication. If the service on your website requires strong authentication, contact.
⦿ Data transfer between systems - APIV
Data transfer between systems takes place using interfaces (API). You can change or add information that has changed on another site to reflect the change on your site in real time. I have implemented numerous integrations where useful information has been retrieved from another service to support the functionality and content of the own site. If you need to retrieve information from another system, contact me and I will tell you more about it.
⦿ Ecommerce Advanced Features to diversify your serviceV
WordPress' WooCommerce online store often needs changes and additions to functions. WooCommerce is a comprehensive online shop, but something more is often needed. I have implemented numerous additional functions and functional changes to the WooCommerce online shops. Contact me and I will tell you more about it.
⦿ Advanced Site Features to expand the functionality of your websiteV
The website often needs changes and additions that are not possible or reasonable to implement with off-shelf plugins. Such are, for example, image carousels, which may make sense to implement as lightly as possible for usability. This way also the site's search engine visibility does not suffer. It is likely possible to do this without compromising on the appearance. Contact me and I will tell you more about it.
⦿ One option is your own fully customized online shop, if WooCommerce is not suitable for youV
If there are too many useless functions in the WooCommerce shop or it is some other way not suitable for your use, I have also implemented a completely customer-specific online shop. Developing something like this is somewhat laborious, but sometimes a WooCommerce online shop is really not suitable for your service as such. This shop developed in the past is called Kourubotti and allows customers to order products pre-installed and priced. The purpose is therefore the immediate pricing of the whole. The online store has very comprehensive functions. The store works completely independently alongside the WooCommerce store. Contact me and I will tell you more about it.
⦿ Form spam preventionV
This powerful plugin prevents bots from spamming your form. It can be used for numerous forms, e.g. Contact form 7, WP Forms, Comment Form. All in all, this plugin specifically blocks messages sent by bots. A different type of plugin should be used for human spamming via forms. Ask me more.

If you need to group several plugins from the same author to be managed by one plugin, download dxw3 Utilities plugin from GitHub.

It is possible to modify the functionalities of various plugins created by the other programmers.

If you need new features or a change to the way existing features work, ask for more information.