How to get Elementor Pro + Bot Spam Block plugin bundle

Getting the Elementor Pro Forms and Bot Spam Block package

Elementor Pro helps you build your site quickly and easily. If you need, for example, a "contact us" form for your site, you can use the form building tool provided by Elementor Pro.

The easiest and most effective way to protect your Elementor Pro form from bots is to use the Bot Spam Block plugin. The plugin has been specially developed to block spam sent by bots. The only setting for the plugin is the license key. Otherwise, the plugin is lightweight and works both efficiently and automatically without unnecessary settings. It also does not create additional frustration to the actual user of the form, because the user does not have to solve additional tasks or riddles.

The buyer of Elementor Pro gets the dxw3 Bot Spam Block add-on.

Read also about the exception in the refund policy.

Do this

  1. Order the Elementor Pro plugin by clicking on the image below. This is important so that the discount is registered in the system.
  2. After that, request the 100% discount coupon code either by email or by using the contact form.
  3. Then return to the dxw3 site to shop and redeem the plugin with the coupon code.