WordPress - frequently asked questions

How much does a simple WordPress website cost?

A simple WordPress website is available for a small fee. In practice, you only need to get: a domain name (eg example.com) and a web hotel (eg cloudcity.fi). The annual price of the domain is 10-20 € and the annual price of the basic version of the web hotel is less than 100 €, so for about 100 € / year you get started. The WordPress software itself, as well as many of the themes and plugins that are installed on it, are free.

How much does a company's WordPress site cost?

A basic website works well as a business card for a business, but it may not be suitable for a more demanding business use. If the company has requirements regarding the layout and functionality of the site, customer-specific changes will have to be made to the site. The site may also require more from the web host. In this case, the website often costs in thousands of euros depending on the features required. Often this is also depends on the willingness of the customer to add content. After all, one benefit of using WordPress website is that it is easy for the customer to update it without any help from a coder.

How much does an online store cost?

The free Woocommerce plugin is available for WordPress. Thanks to the plugin, an online store can be included on the company’s website. Although Woocommerce itself costs nothing, it still needs to be installed and set up, which takes time. A very simple online store can cost less than a thousand euros, but a more complex store can cost a few thousand euros. Using an online store also requires payment services (e.g. Paytrail) and logistics services (e.g. Netlux). These services have their own plugins and service provider fees.

Why doesn't my homepage appear in the first page search results on Google search?

It takes time for Google to find your site. After that, the visibility of a site in search results is affected by many technical and content factors. It is possible to actively work on the site to improve the search results. Then the site is found faster and more often, and it is found on the first page of the search results. Often, at least technical Search Engine Optimization is outsourced to an expert (e.g. dx-w3.com). Content creation is either studied and implemented by the customer or similarly outsourced to an expert.

If WordPress and Woocommerce are free, why do you need coding?

For a simpler WordPress site, it's possible to use just a free theme and some free plugins. In this case, the problems are likely minor. Too often, however, the hunger has increased while eating, and far too many plugins have been added. This causes many problems. Not all plugins work with each other and conflicts arise. The amount of unnecessary code increases and the site slows down. Often the rule of the thumb has been that if there are more than 20 plugins, there are too many of them. On the other hand, the expert can make the code perform only the absolutely necessary tasks, thus avoiding unnecessary use of plugins.

Why does Google say my site is not user friendly?

While it's important that the content on your site exactly matches the information your customer is looking for, Google pays more attention to the usability of your site in its search results. The site must be fast enough and the outlook user friendly. Google uses a variety of technical criteria to measure your site, which impact on your site's visibility in search results. If your site is reported not to be user-friendly by Google, please have an expert (e.g. dx-w3.com) modify it.